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Our Latest Quick Dry Microfiber Towel!

Do you find your towel fill most of your bag when going to the gym or the beach?

Are you fed up with heavy and bulky towels?

Had enough of a damp and smelly bag?

Our Microfiber towel can solve all these problems and more.

  • Large Towel When Open Measuring 130cm x 80cm That Packs Away Smaller Than Your T-Shirt
  • Lightweight, Weighing Less Than An Orange

  • High Absorbency Level Of 1.8 Litres And Dries In Minutes Due To Latest Split Microfibre Technology

  • High Thread Count Ensures A Soft Towel Designed To Maintain The PH Balance Of Your Skin

  • Woven With Anti-Bacterial Materials

What Are Bodi Towels Made From?

Each towel is made up from 200,000 microfiber filaments per square inch, totaling 15.5 million fibers in each towel and each one of these microfibers is 99% thinner than a human hair.  All 15.5 million fibers are densely woven together to give a soft yet highly durable material, giving you your microfiber towel.

How Do Bodi Towels Absorb So Much Water?

When your towel comes into contact with liquid, the microfibers split due to differences in surface tension - like the spokes of a wheel.  These ‘Spokes’ absorb individual particles of liquid.  There is 16 splits in every fiber, giving your towel over 248 million spokes absorbing individual liquid particles.  

 So your towel absorbs up to 1.8 litres of water rapidly and your body is dried incredibly quickly!

How Do Bodi Towels Dry So Rapidly?

The 248 million spokes provide a large surface area for the individual liquid particles to be rapidly evaporated.  The spokes ‘close’ - leaving your towel soft, dry and ready to use again!

How Are Bodi Towels So Small And Light?

Our Towels Microfiber filaments are one third of the diameter of a cotton fiber and weigh less than one denier (0.001 oz)  The result?  Based on the latest microfibre technology our towel is one of the lightest and most compact towels on the market.

Switch To Bodi Hut's Towel Today - Guarenteed To Save You Space, Weight, And Time - Making Life Easier For You!