Sports and Travel Towel Set - Large and Handy Size


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  • ULTRA ABSORBENT: Made 100% from microfibers designed to literally suck up water, holding up to 4x it’s weight in liquid…Meaning you can dry your body in seconds!
  • FAST DRYING + ANTIBACTERIAL: Make that lump of damp, heavy material in your bag a thing of the past…! Simply wring over 90% of the water out and leave the rest to air-dry within minutes – hygienic and quick!
  • SAVE SPACE: Our large 30’ by 60’ takes up 10% of the space of a conventional one and weighs less than an orange. Just think of all that extra room in your bag to pack more travelling or camping clothes, pool, beach or gym equipment…
  • MULTI-PURPOSE – BEST VALUE: So why a large and small size? Easy! The large is perfect for the beach, pool, showers … While the small is a handy size to take into the gym, on a run, a bike or a hike…Or even to safely clean your computer and TV screen!
  • PREMIUM QUALITY – Our products are designed to last and last, using only top quality materials and manufacturing processes. Which is why we offer all customers our Bodi Hut FULL WARRANTY.

Towel sizes -

Large Towel 30' x 60'

Handy Towel 12' x 12' 

Explore off the beaten track, jump under a waterfall in a foreign country, stuff your backpack with just the bare essentials – including the Only Towels you’ll ever need. Small and Tough, they’ll explore the world with you.

Or pop them in your gym bag; lighter than an orange you won’t even notice they are there – perfect to wipe away the sweat or wrap yourself in post swim or shower! Whatever you choose to use Bodi Hut for, know you’re in safe hands. Thousands of customers across the USA and Europe choose us time and again… Join them today!