Swimming Goggles, Swim Cap, Ear Plug, Nose Clip and Storage Case

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  • SEE CLEARLY AT ALL TIMES: The latest ANTI FOG COATING combined with ANTI SHATTER MIRRORED LENSES gives you CRYSTAL CLEAR CLARITY at all times – both above and under the water!
  • DRY EYES – DRY HAIR: Gaskets have a unique, cushioned design creating a PERFECT SEAL around your eyes, ensuring NO WATER TRICKLES IN. WATERPROOF HATS are specially designed to minimize leaks, leaving your locks fresh and dry – even those with long hair!
  • TOTAL COMFORT – Soft silicone gaskets gently cushion your eyes, leaving NO RED MARKS OR DISCOMFORT and the smooth ONE-PIECE NOSE BRIDGE flexes to fit your face perfectly. Experience NO HAIR SNAGGING with our special-silicone hats that can be stretched considerably, making them easy to put on and take off.
  • PERFECT FIT – For adults and children 10+ (sizing not recommended for under 10) FULLY ADJUSTABLE STRAPS to hold them in place, FLEXIBLE NOSE PIECE , thick gasket cushions to MOLD TO YOUR EYE CONTOURS. Hat designed to stretch and mold to ALL HEAD SIZES.
  • PREMIUM QUALITY PRODUCTS: Your complete swimmers kit is made and tested to the highest standards, and all items are backed by our FULL WARRANTY, available to all customers.

Tens of thousands of swimmers across the UK and USA have switched from their usual brands to Bodi Hut’s signature product and never looked back!

So why have they become one of the leading brands on Amazon UK and USA? Maybe it's due to the most up to date coating inside the lenses ensuring no steaming up while you are in the water and the 180' lenses making it easy to view your surroundings!

Or perhaps they're loved so much because they prevent water trickling in, meaning your eyes are dry at the end of each session - plus the specialized gasket design makes sure your eyes never get red marks or are left feeling uncomfortable.

Or maybe it’s because your hair is protected at all times with the swimcaps slipping on and off easily…

Or maybe the reason the complete kit is so popular is down to the highest quality, durable materials that they are made from, ensuring they will last and last, lap after lap.